Production : Mike Hageman and The Keytone Cops.

Recording Engineer : Mike Hageman

CD Mastering/Editing : Mike Hageman and Pieter Strobbe
Glass Mastering/PQ editing: Channel Clasics CD
Sound consultancy: BTB studio and consultancy, Hillegom
Cover Design: Menno de Boer
Cover Drawings: Wouter Roelofsen Cover
Photography: Hilde de Wolf
Cover Nonsense: Pieter Strobbe en Dolf Schinkel
Catering: Sigritt, Hilde, Marjan, Irmgard, Birgitt and Bea (fabulous apple-pie !), "Grand café" Massada and Snackbar "Tur-bo" (once again !!).
First Train Home was previosely released on MC in August 1990 by G&K productions in a limited edition.
Keytone Cops stage sound & light provider: Kater Audio Techniek


Gijs Kater (world-champion cymbal-silencing), Rolf Dijkstra (Audio Pro Amsterdam) for using his "Hard-Dick Recording System" on a non profit basis, Luuk Mandjes (for purchasing the Tibetan Bells in Tibet), Bob Fosko, Tony Cascarino, Olivièr Poncin, A.J.A Strobbe For laying the first stone of "The Kelder", Café "De Kleine Beurs" (Henk Warmerdam), Peter Kleijn for using his FX-Tower (voor weinig), Jan Slooter at Master Blaster for lending "his" incredible purple 19" boxes.
Without Mike Hageman this CD would never ever have seen the light: Mike bedankt jonge!!!! The Cops

The Keytone Cops Management Agencies:

Alaska, Greenland and the North Pole region:
Jimmy Waters, p.o. box 22162 Juneau AK 99802,

UK, Shetland and Falkland Islands:
David O'Beaumont, Ufford Park Golf & Leisure, Ufford Park, UK,

Argentina and Islas Malvinas:
Jan de Boer Buenos Aires, Argentina

Les Alps, Les Pyreneés, Maroque et Alguère:
Malik Bensaih, Route du Centre, Saint Jorioz (près le Lac de Annecy),

Quebec and Ontario:
P&P de Peuter, 627, T0K 1W0 Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada,

Warning: Keytone Cops alltime evergreens:

"Meine Nahme ist Hans (Und ich schwingel meine Schwanz)"
"There is a policeman on the beach" are not included.

"The Making of... Have no What's" is available on VHS and Bematax from G&K productions